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In 2013, Virginia voters returned a Super-Majority of Republicans to the Virginia House of Delegates in a year where Democrats boasted that they were on track to retake the majority.

Now, we will turn our attention towards 2014, as we work to retire Mark Warner and elect a Republican U.S. Senator, We need the support of every Republican in Virginia--please get involved with our efforts by supporting us financially, volunteering for us and keeping up with the work we are doing in Virginia to grow the Republican Party and get our candidates elected.

We will continue to stand by our common-sense conservative values and principles, fighting for:

  • Lower taxes;
  • less and smaller government;
  • personal responsibility;
  • creating opportunities for anyone;
  • protection of life;
  • empowering families;
  • and defending freedom and liberty.


Contact RPV 
Visit this page for all of our contact information and to meet the RPV Staff

Meet the Chairman
Pat Mullins has served as RPV Chair since May 2009. 

RPV Leadership
Meet the State Central Committee, the governing body of the Republican Party of Virginia.

Party Plan
Read the governing document of the Republican Party of Virginia to learn about party structure and rules.

RPV General Counsel Rulings
Read a list of RPV General Counsel rulings and opinions.

Virginia Republican Creed 
Our creed states our core values and principles.

Virginia Republican Organizations
Information on the VFRW, CRFV, YRFV and more!

Jennifer Byler Institute
Learn about the Jennifer Byler Institute, RPV's leading training program dedicated specifically to women.

Contact the Media
Let your voice be heard! Contact your local paper and write a letter to the editor. 

Intern at RPV
Build your experience and resume by interning at the Republican Party of Virginia.

The Republican Party of Virginia
The Richard D. Obenshain Center
115 E. Grace Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-780-0111
Fax: 804-343-1060
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