Democrat Sen. Favola in 2004: 'GA Must Adopt a Budget'

My, what a difference a fight over committee seats makes.

It wasn't all that long ago that future-Sen. Barbara Favola, Chairman of the Arlington County Board, wrote to Virginia legislators, laying out the damage that could occur if the General Assembly didn't pass a budget.

From the 2004 press release:

"... Local officials develop budgets with the expectation of a State pass-through to fund k-12 public education, transportation, public safety and human services. It is critical for local leaders to know what that State transfer is before we adopt a budget and set a real-estate tax rate. Localities cannot make up the State funding gap.

The General Assembly must adopt a budget before mid-April. Delayed action or supporting a referendum question on this important matter would be a gross abdication of responsibility, an abdication never seen in the history of the Commonwealth...

... Yet, if a State budget is not passed, teachers will not receive raises, some teacher positions will not be filled, and children will be educated in larger classrooms. These impacts are catastrophic to Virginia families who dream of giving their children the best education possible.

Lawmakers have repeatedly noted the value of an educated workforce and the importance of building a bright future. The State cannot continue to say it recognizes the value of something, yet not be willing to pay its fair share of k-12 public education. This charade must stop!" 

 Sen. Mark Obenshain, R-Harrisonburg, noticed Sen. Favola's change of heart, which he pointed out in a floor speech today:

Senator Favola: A state budget is
critical to Virginia's schools and needs to be passed NOW...unless it
means I could get a better committee assignment.

Then there's totally no

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