Tim Kaine Calls in Backup to Help Hide His Terrible Record on Coal, Coal Jobs

Former DNC Chairman Tim Kaine continues his extreme political makeover today, this time bringing West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin to Southwest Virginia to try and polish up his record on coal.

You may remember Sen. Manchin from this ad in 2010, in which he shoots the Cap and Trade Bill:

Dead Aim - Joe Manchin for West Virginia TV Ad
Dead Aim - Joe Manchin for West Virginia TV Ad

Tim Kaine, on the other hand, has a different view on Cap and Trade

  • June 2009: Kaine "I Do Think We've Got To Have A Cap And Trade Or Equivalent System." "Yeah, it would be difficult for me to either cap and trade or universal health care as governor if the feds don't do it. I mean, I do think we've got to have a cap and trade or equivalent system, uh, to start to control carbon emissions."  ("Ask The Governor" with Tim Kaine, 1140WRVA, 6/25/09)

Tim Kaine has his own coal ad on the air, trying to convince the coal fields that he's not actually against coal...



But the plant Tim Kaine is so proud to show off couldn't have been built under regulations he supports!

'My Advice Is, Don't Try To Weaken Regulations,' [Kaine] Told Voters In Southwestern Virginia Last Week. 'Sell Your Story. Say We Can Meet These Standards.'"(Jonathan Weisman, "A Hunt For Split-Ticket Voters In A Tight Virginia Senate Race," The New York Times, 7/19/12)
From the Bristol Herald Courier (April 5, 2012):


"...Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a regulation limiting newly constructed coal-fired plants to 1,000 pounds of carbon emissions per megawatt generated. The average coal plant emits about 1,760 pounds per megawatt...


"..Whether you adjust the standard in the reg [ulation] or Congress takes some action on it, all of us want everything new to be built cleaner than what's in the past," Kaine said.


"I want to see what the industry says the standard on emissions should be. The wrong answer is we don't need a standard," Kaine said. "Is it 1,400 or 1,200? I don't know what the right answer is, but we need to have that debate. We can make it cleaner - the Wise plant shows we can. It's just a matter of getting the number right."


... Billed as one of the cleanest power plants of its kind, the facility doesn't have to meet the new standard - and it wouldn't, according to company spokesman Dan Genest.


"The Virginia City center is permitted to burn up to 20 percent biomass. But at 10 percent biomass, the plant would produce about 1,740 pounds per megawatt hour," Genest said.


RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

"Tim Kaine might try to paint himself as a friend of coal, but he can't change his record. Not only did Tim Kaine support the Cap and Trade bill that would have driven up utility rates and claimed thousands of mining-related jobs, he supports regulations that will make it all but impossible to build any new coal fired power plants.
"Southwest Virginians know Tim Kaine's record on coal is terrible, no matter who he brings with him to visit the coalfields. That's why they're going to elect George Allen in November."
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