VA Women Leaders: Women Are Focused on Results for Kitchen Table Issues

Today, Tim Kaine continued to play Washington political games, trying to divert attention from his failed economic record and his support for policies like the sequestration deal that puts over 200,000 Virginia jobs at risk. From President Obama and Tim Kaine to the national Democrat committees, Virginians can see through the Democrats' transparent attempts to use scare tactics to target women voters.  With a record of losing 100,000 Virginia jobs while he championed Washington's failed economic policies that have especially hurt women, Tim Kaine has reverted to desperate, negative attacks.


In response, Senator Jill H. Vogel (R-Fauquier) and Delegate Barbara Comstock (R-McLean) released the following statements:

"The number one issue on the minds of women in Virginia is jobs, despite Democrats' attempts to play the gender card this election," said Senator Jill H. Vogel (R-Fauquier). "Women are often the first to know when food, fuel and electricity prices rise, and many are worried about their families' jobs in this tough economy of many uncertainties. As Governor, Tim Kaine tried time and again to raise taxes on working women, including those making as little as $17,000 a year. Virginia women can't afford to send Tim Kaine to Washington. George Allen has a record of reducing taxes, investing in education and helping create over 300,000 new Virginia jobs for hardworking men and women. In George Allen, Virginians get results, not just rhetoric."

"Virginia women care about results and good policies on kitchen table issues that are their priority," said Delegate Barbara Comstock (R-McLean). "Tim Kaine as Governor championed job-destroying policies such as raising taxes; closing our rest stops; proposing a budget that would have cut $120 million from our children's schools in Northern Virginia; and working against right to work laws. When Tim Kaine was Governor, Virginia lost over 100,000 jobs.  Now he wants to increase taxes on our small businesses and our families in this fragile economy while the Obama/Kaine defense cuts could cause up to 200,000 lost jobs in the defense and high tech industries and elsewhere.  We need George Allen's proven leadership of working across the aisle to protect our defense and high tech jobs and stop the threat of tax increases on our small businesses and families.  George Allen achieved historic bipartisan reforms like welfare reform, accountability in schools and abolishing parole that created an environment for more jobs in stronger, safer communities.  George has a proven track record of accomplishment without raising taxes on the hard-working men and women of Virginia."



Women Hit Hardest By Kaine-Obama Economy


Currently, The Nation Has Nearly 5.5 Million Women Who Are Unemployed.(Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website, 10/6/12)


Since President Obama Took Office, 283,000 Women Have Lost Their Jobs.(Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website, 10/6/12)


"The Poverty Rate Among Women Rose To 14.5 Percent Last Year, Up From 13.9 Percent In 2009 - The Highest Rate In 17 Years."  (U.S. Census Data; Leslie Bennetts, "Women: The Invisible Poor," The Daily Beast, 9/14/11)


The Extreme Poverty Rate - Income Below Half Of Federal Poverty Line - Is The Highest Ever Recorded Among Women. "The 'extreme poverty rate' among women was the highest ever recorded, climbing to 6.3 percent in 2010 from 5.9 percent in 2009.  'Extreme poverty' means that your income is below half of the federal poverty line - and by 2010, more than 7.5 million women had fallen into that dire category."  (U.S. Census Data; Leslie Bennetts, "Women: The Invisible Poor," The Daily Beast, 9/14/11)


Single Women "Have Not Fared Well During The Obama Administration." "In an election focused on the economy, single women present a complicated case. They already earn less than married people and single men, and they have not fared well during the Obama administration. They have had a harder time than married women paying rent, getting medical care and finding jobs. While the jobless rate for married women has stayed relatively low, at 5.6 percent compared with 2.6 percent before the recession, the rate for unmarried women has risen to 11 percent, from a prerecession level of 6 percent."  (Shaila Dewan, "In Weak Economy, An Opening To Court Votes Of Single Women," The New York Times, 8/7/12)


Los Angeles Times Headline: "Newly Created Jobs Go Mostly To Men."  (Don Lee, "Newly Created Jobs Go Mostly To Men," Los Angeles Times, 7/15/12)

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