WaPo Gives Dem Mailer on Vet Benefits 4 Pinochios

Desperation is an ugly thing. Democrats know Virginia has all but slipped out of their grasp, and with it, Barack Obama's chances of re-election. So they've resorted to flat out lying about Mitt Romney's positions on health care for veterans.

From the Democrat mailer:

"Our veterans sacrificed everything for our country ...But Romney suggested ending guaranteed health care for wounded veterans."


That claim was so outrageous that the Washington Post's Fact Checker gave it 4 Pinocchios:

"...Overall, the Virginia mailer made assumptions about the GOP budget and grossly mischaracterized Romney's comments about the possible benefits of a private option for veterans' services. The Republican candidate has not suggested "ending guaranteed health care for wounded veterans." That claim earns Four Pinocchios."


"I expected better from Brian Moran and his team at the Democratic Party of Virginia," said RPV Chairman Pat Mullins. "It's clear that Virginia veterans overwhelmingly support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, but that's no excuse for blatantly lying about veterans health care. If anything, this mailer is self-defeating, because it re-opens the discussion of Barack Obama's massive increases in TriCare premiums. Desperation is an ugly, ugly thing."


Obama's FY2013 Budget Cuts Military Health Care Funding By $12.9 Billion Over The Next Five Years, Resulting In "Higher Enrollment Fees" And Increased "Pharmacy Copayments." "In the next fiscal year, the military has outlined a $1.8 billion cut as part of a projected $48.7 billion health care budget covering 9.6 million people. The cuts would total $12.9 billion over five years. To offset the loss, retirees would pay higher enrollment fees based on how much they earn through their military pensions. Retirees and active-duty family members would pay more for pharmacy copayments, too." (Barrie Barber, "Military Retirees Could See Increase In Health Insurance Costs," Dayton Daily News, 3/30/12)

"The Pentagon Is Proposing Substantial Increases In Health Care Premiums For Working-Age Military Retirees." "Benefits for military retirees are also targeted. The Pentagon is proposing substantial increases in health care premiums for working-age military retirees. For some retirees, the premiums for TRICARE, the military health-care program, would nearly quadruple from $520 per year to $2,480 in 2017. Veterans' advocates denounced the proposed increases. Retired vice admiral Norb Ryan, president of the Military Officers Association of America, called it a 'a significant breach of faith with those who have already completed arduous careers of 20-30 or more years in uniform.'" (Tom Vanden Brook, "Pentagon Budget Calls For Cuts To Jets, Benefits," USA Today, 2/13/12)

  • TRICARE Prime Enrollment Fees Will "Rise By 30 Percent To 78 Percent, Depending On Retirement Income." "The Defense Department's proposed 2013 budget calls for an increase in annual enrollment fees for retirees in Tricare Prime to rise by 30 percent to 78 percent, depending on retirement income." (Patricia Kime, "Lawmakers Warn Of Fight Over Tricare Increases," Marine Corps Times, 3/28/12)
  • Some Retirees "Will See Their Health Care Costs Nearly Quadruple." "Military-age retirees who make more than $45,179 annually - a pension usually reserved for officers - will see their health care costs nearly quadruple, from $600 annually in fiscal year 2013 to $2,048 in 2017." (Nancy Youssef, "Heaviest 2013 Defense Budget Cuts Would Fall On Troops," McClatchy, 2/13/12)
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