President Obama Slams Right to Work. Where Do Democrats McAuliffe, Northam, Chopra, Herring Stand?

The election may be over, but the Democrat assault on Right to Work continues unabated.

As Michigan legislators considered a Right to Work bill, President Obama traveled to that state to denounce these common-sense measures to protect workers' freedom - the same type of laws which have helped form the bedrock of Virginia's economic success.

As Democrats continue to celebrate and rally around President Obama, his actions in Michigan raise a critical question for Virginia voters:

Where do the 2013 Democrat candidates stand on Right to Work? Do they stand with President Obama, or do they stand with Virginia?


* Does Terry McAuliffe, who too more than $740,000 from labor unions, support Right to Work? Or would he side with Barack Obama and Big Labor to weaken these critical economic safeguards?


* What about Sen. Mark Herring, who took more than $60,000 from unions, or  Sen. Ralph Northam, who took nearly $30,000?  


* Or Aneesh Chopra, who until just this year worked for the President who slams Right to Work every chance he gets?   


RPV Chairman Pat Mullins gave the following statement:


"President Obama has made it clear where he stand: he has no use for Right to Work laws like those in place Virginia, and now in place Michigan. For decades, Virginia's status as the northernmost Right to Work state on the East Coast has given us a distinct economic advantage.


"Next year Virginians will elect a Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and House of Delegates. Voters need to know early where their candidates stand on Right to Work. There's not a single Republican candidate running who doesn't stand 100 percent behind Right to Work.  


We know where Barack Obama stands. How about Terry McAuliffe and his potential ticket- mates?"

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