Virginians Can't Trust Terry McAuliffe On Energy Issues

In 2009, liberal Democrat Terry McAuliffe proclaimed his opposition to offshore drilling and coal.  Today, in an act of remarkable political docility, the New York native is attempting to lead voters to believe he supports each.


Notably, McAuliffe once said that if you lie about the little things, it makes it easier to lie about the big things.


The exercise reinforces what Virginians are coming to learn and believe: Terry McAuliffe's word has zero value.  He will say and do anything to win office, and cannot be trusted.


"Just like on coal, former Democrat Chairman Terry McAuliffe just can't get his story straight on offshore drilling," said Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  "Virginia voters are looking for someone they can trust and they will see right through McAuliffe's shameful strategy of saying anything to win an election."

Background ... 

Terry McAuliffe Was Against Offshore Drilling, Before He Was For It
2009: McAuliffe: "I Do Not Support Drilling For Oil Off Our Coast." (Terry McAuliffe, "Race To Richmond: Terry McAuliffe," The Washington Post, 5/20/09)

2013: "Terry McAuliffe Reverses Course, Backs Bill To Allow Oil Drilling Off Virginia Coast."  (Ben Pershing, "Terry McAuliffe Reverses Course, Backs Bill To Allow Oil Drilling Off Virginia Coast," The Washington Post, 5/22/13)


Terry McAuliffe Was Against Coal, Before He Was For It


2009: McAuliffe: "We Have Got To Move Past Coal. As Governor, I Never Want Another Coal Plant Built." (Terry McAuliffe, Remarks At A Democratic Primary Debate,Blacksburg, VA, 4/29/09)

2013: McAuliffe: "We Have A Healthy Work Force Of Coal, That Coal Can Continue...We Need To Make Sure We Do What We Need To, To Make Sure This Vital Industry Here In Virginia Continues To Grow."  "'I was over at Alpha Natural Resources talking about what they need done to make sure we have a healthy work force of coal, that coal can continue,' McAuliffe told reporters. 'We need to make sure we do what we need to, to make sure this vital industry here in Virginia continues to grow...'" (David McGee, "McAuliffe Talks Coal At Bristol Campaign Event, Bristol Herald Courier, 5/8/13)
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