Democrats Call Terry McAuliffe Out For Falsely Claiming That He Created 100,000 Jobs

With only four days until the Democrat Primary, today the Republican Party of Virginia is reminding voters that four years ago Democrat Brian Moran called Terry McAuliffe out on his 100,000 jobs claim saying "that's just not true."


"In 2009, well before Terry McAuliffe's GreenTech and Franklin Pellets misadventures, McAuliffe made an outrageous job creation claim that even his fellow Democrat called him out on," said Virginia Republican Party spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  "Now four years later, McAuliffe won't event attempt justify his claim, which sends voters a clear message that he can't be trusted."


Background ...


In April 2009, McAuliffe Said He "Created Over 100,000 Jobs."  (2009 Farm Team Gubernatorial Debate, William And Mary, 4/19/09; "McAuliffe: I Created Over 100,000 Jobs,, 4/7/13)

The Next Month, Democrat Candidate For Governor Brian Moran Said McAuliffe's "Record Of Creating Jobs Must Be Questioned." BRIAN MORAN: "Terry, you have made -- on -- during these weeks of the campaign, you've made a great issue of -- big issue about jobs. Just today, you've mentioned jobs over and over again. Yet, you know, you've been criticizing even to the extent that you've created the job-creation efforts of both Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. And, in fact, your record of creating jobs must be questioned: 300,000 Virginians are out of work right now. They are vulnerable to someone claiming that they have created 100,000 jobs. That's just not true, Terry. A hundred thousand jobs is more than Bill Gates and Microsoft.  You say you've built five Virginia businesses, but the Washington Post said they were run out of your home and never created a single Virginia job. You claim you'll look out for people's jobs, but as a consultant to Global Crossing CEO and as a board member of Telegy, you walked away with $20 million while over 10,000 people lost their jobs. So tell me, Terry, how is this a positive, credible campaign? And how can Virginia voters trust that you'll care about their jobs or create any new jobs?"  (Brian Moran, Remarks At A Democratic Primary Debate, Annandale, VA, 5/19/09) 


But Four Years Later, McAuliffe's Campaign "Did Not Respond Directly To Questions About Whether He Stands By The 100,000 Jobs."  "McAuliffe's campaign on Wednesday did not respond directly to questions about whether he stands by the 100,000 jobs-the same number Republican presidential nominee Romney struggled to defend in the 2012 campaign." (Beth Reinhard, "To Beat Terry McAuliffe, Virginia GOP Turns To Anti-Romney Playbook," National Journal, 4/11/13)

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