RPV Calls On Terry McAuliffe To Return His Tainted Money From Jeffrey Thompson

With news out today about Terry McAuliffe's former employer being the largest recipient of campaign donations from what federal prosecutors are calling an "assembly line for illegal campaign contributions," the Republican Party of Virginia is calling on Terry McAuliffe to do as other Democrats have done and dump the contribution.

"Terry McAuliffe continues to tout himself as a leader on ethics, but he hasn't put his money where his mouth is," said Virginia Republican Party spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  "Terry McAuliffe has not done what fellow Democrats Barack Obama, Tim Kaine and Martin O'Malley have done, which is to dump donations from Jeffrey Thompson who has been accused of operating an illegal shadow campaign to elect D.C.'s mayor.  Terry McAuliffe talks a good game on ethics reform, but the prime mover behind an illegal campaign contribution swap to benefit his union buddies and the booking agent for the Lincoln Bedroom will never be able to disguise his long record shady campaign finance dealings.  Terry McAuliffe should have dumped Jeffrey Thompson's donation over a year ago and his failure to do so says a lot about his ethics."

Background ...  

Terry McAuliffe & Jeffrey Thompson


The Center For Public Integrity Is Reporting That Hillary Clinton Was The Biggest Beneficiary Of Donations From What Federal Prosecutors Are Calling An "Assembly Line For Illegal Campaign Contributions. "Employees of a Washington, D.C.-based accounting firm that federal prosecutors called an 'assembly line for illegal campaign contributions' donated more than $500,000 to federal candidates and committees over the past 10 years, including nearly $50,000 to Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, according to a Center for Public Integrity review of records... An analysis of campaign finance records provided by the Center for Responsive Politics found that Thompson and other donors who listed the accounting firm as their employer have given at least $514,350 to federal candidates and political action committees since the 2002 campaign cycle, including $36,900 from Calhoun, the employee who pleaded guilty last month. The biggest beneficiary of those funds was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose campaigns took in $50,400." (Alan Suderman And Ben Wieder, Clinton Supporter Suspected Of Illegal Donations, Center For Public Integrity, 07/12/13)


Jeffrey Thompson Is At The Center Of A Federal Investigation Of The 2010 Campaign Of Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray


At The Center Of The Probe Is Jeffrey Thompson. "The charges stem from a federal investigation of the 2010 campaign of Washington, D.C., Mayor Vincent Gray. At the center of the probe is [Jeffrey] Thompson, who has been implicated by prosecutors as the financier of an illegal, off-the-books $650,000 'shadow campaign' that federal prosecutors say helped get Gray elected." (Alan Suderman And Ben Wieder, Clinton Supporter Suspected Of Illegal Donations, Center For Public Integrity, 07/12/13)

Thompson's Firm Had Received Roughly $69 Million In Local & Federal Contracts In The Last Decade.  "Thompson, an accountant by training, was until recently a major power player in D.C. local politics. Some associates called him "governor" as a nod to his outsized, behind-the-scenes political power. While he was at the helm of Thompson, Cobb, Bazilio & Associates, the firm received more than $50 million in D.C. government contracts in the last decade. On the federal side, the firm has won more than 50 contracts worth roughly $19 million since 2001, according to USAspending.gov." (Alan Suderman And Ben Wieder, Clinton Supporter Suspected Of Illegal Donations, Center For Public Integrity, 07/12/13)


Jeffrey Thompson Is A McAuliffe Supporter

Jeffrey Thompson Contributed $2,500 To Terry McAuliffe's Gubernatorial Campaign On June 5, 2009.  (The Virginia Public Access Project Website, www.vpap.org, Accessed 7/12/13)

Asked About Jeffrey Thompson's Donation To McAuliffe, A McAuliffe Spokesman Said No One Had Asked Them About It.  "Mr. Thompson also donated $2,500 To The 2009 Gubernatorial Campaign Of Terry McAuliffe. A Spokesman For Mr. McAuliffe said he has not received any inquiries about the donations." (David Sherfinski, "Probed D.C. Donor Also Gave In Virginia," The Washington Times, 4/17/12)

Earlier This Year McAuliffe Attended A Fundraiser With "A Well Known Lobbyist Who Had An Unusually Close Relationship With Jeffrey Thompson.  "Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser and Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans are co-hosting a downtown fundraiser for McAuliffe, according to an invite to the event. Joining the councilmembers as co-hosts are MaryEva Candon, a longtime local Democratic party operative, former Councilmember Arrington Dixon, and David Wilmot, a well-known lobbyist who had an unusually close relationship with Jeff Thompson, the alleged financier of what the feds say was an illegal "shadow campaign" for Mayor Vince Gray. (Campaign records show that Thompson gave $2,500 to McAuliffe's failed 2009 gubernatorial run in June of that year. Six days later, Wilmot donated $1,000 from a business whose bank account Thompson put money in; a company Wilmot owns called Autopark, that Thompson used be part owner of, gave $1,000; and an executive at an embattled Wilmot-owned group-home company gave $500.)" (Alan Suderman, "D.C. Politicos Raising Money For Virginia's McAuliffe," Washington City Paper, 4/1/13)

David W. Wilmot & Associates Contributed $1,000 To Terry McAuliffe On June 11th, 2009 & $2,000 To McAuliffe On April 16th, 2013.  (The Virginia Public Access Project Website, www.vpap.org, Accessed 7/12/13)


Democrats Barack Obama, Martin O'Malley & Tim Kaine Have All Made Moves To Dump Thompson-Tied Contributions

Obama, The Democrat National Committee, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley And Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine Have All Moved To Dump Thompson-Tied Contributions.  "Mr. Obama and the Democratic National Committee received a $10,000 donation from Mr. Thompson last year, but officials recently said they were returning the money. Within days, Mr. O'Malley and former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, who is running for the U.S. Senate, moved to dump Thompson-tied contributions." (Jim McElhatton, "Md.'s Brown Donating Thomson-Linked Cash," The Washington Times, 7/27/12)

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