Virginians React to Terry McAuliffe's Failure, Panic re: Tech PAC Endorsement

Virginians of all stripes are reacting with shock at the revelations from Terry McAuliffe's interview with the Northern Virginia Technology Council's Tech PAC. The story was truly a stunning insight into just who Terry McAuliffe is.

McAuliffe was revealed to be unprepared to talk about the issues critical to Virginia. His approach to job creation and business recruitment amounts to little more than "start pouring drinks and wait to see what happens.

Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins:

"If there was any doubt that Terry McAuliffe is unqualified to be the next Governor of Virginia, today's Post story should put that to rest. Terry McAuliffe has been caught flatfooted on questions about Virginia government before, but this time he had plenty of time to prepare. He didn't. He assumed that he could just breeze through the interview the way he's done the rest of his life, getting by on a handshake and a smile with no substance to back it up. And when he didn't get what he wanted, his team resorted to threats and intimidation.  The subtext is clear: get on board with Terry's campaign, or your business could be next.

Ken Cuccinelli, on the other hand, knows Virginia issues top to bottom because of his life of service to Virginians. He has a positive vision for the Commonwealth's future. "

Statement of Pete Snyder, Founder, Disruptor Capital
"As a technologist, a CEO and a long time member of the Northern Virginia Technology Council - let me tell you, this endorsement is the crown jewel of business community in the Commonwealth.  It's a big deal that the NVTC Tech PAC wisely chose Ken Cuccinelli's plan of lower taxes, lower regulation and education reform over Terry McAullife's bravado, bluster and 'let's all get drinks and hope for the best' strategy.  Terry simply doesn't have a clear plan for growing technology jobs in Virginia.  That is why business is backing Ken Cuccinelli for Governor."
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