Union Bosses Throw More Money At Terry McAuliffe

With another $66,000 added to McAuliffe's union boss funded campaign today, it's clear that the former Democrat National Committee Chairman is well on his way to being the most anti-job, pro-union candidate in Virginia history.


"The union bosses bankrolling Terry McAuliffe's campaign are leaving no stone unturned because they know he's their best chance to roll back Virginia's right-to-work law, end workers' rights to a secret ballot and ensure that Big Labor gets big government contracts," said Virginia Republican Party Chairman Pat Mullins.  "Ken Cuccinelli has a lifetime of fighting for Virginians and has a plan to make our state the best place in the country for economic growth and job creation."


Background ...


Unions Have Contributed More Than $2.8 Million To McAuliffe Campaigns For Governor


The United Steelworkers Of America Made A $66,000 In-Kind Contribution To McAuliffe On September 25, 2013(The Virginia Public Access Project, Accessed 9/17/13)

Unions Have Contributed $2,127,844 To McAuliffe's Campaign For Governor. (The Virginia Public Access Project, Accessed 9/17/13)

  • Unions Have Contributed A Total Of $2,869,485 To McAuliffe Since 2008. (The Virginia Public Access Project, Accessed 9/17/13)

McAuliffe Refused To Defend Virginia's Right-To-Work Laws


Washington Post: "McAuliffe Also Declined To Say Whether He Would Protect The Commonwealth's Status As A Right-To-Work State Or Search For Ways To Make The State More Friendly Toward Organized Labor."  (Frederick Kunkle, "McAuliffe, At Silver Line Station, Touts Support Of Project, Says Cuccinelli Fought It," The Washington Post, 6/18/13)


McAuliffe Hired All Union Workers In A Right-To-Work State


McAuliffe: "I've Gone Into States Like Florida, Right-To-Work, And Hired All Union Workers. I Paid A Little Bit Extra Out Of My Pocket Because It Was The Right Thing To Do." (Democratic Primary Debate, Northern Virginia Community College, 5/19/09)


McAuliffe Promised To Create 2,000 Union Jobs In Virginia


McAuliffe Said He Was Going To Create 2,000 Union Jobs In Virginia."McAuliffe said it is time for the United States to stop being 'chumps,' and start leading the way in alternative energy. He reported that he is forming a new company that will make hybrid and electric cars. 'I'm going to put it right in the heart of Virginia,' he said. 'And we're going to have 2,000 folks down there - all of them union members - and show that when you do it right, everybody benefits, including the state of Virginia.' McAuliffe noted that Virginia has not brought in a manufacturing plant in 15 years, for fear of introducing unions into the state." ("LEAP Focuses On Jobs," International Brotherhood Of Boilermakers, www.boilermakers.org, April-June 2010)


McAuliffe "Declined To Say" Whether He Supports Costly Project Labor Agreements


McAuliffe "Declined To Say" Whether He Supports A Union-Friendly Project Labor Agreement. "He declined to say whether he would support the kind of labor-friendly provision that nearly upended the second phase of Metrorail's Silver Line to Dulles International Airport and farther into Loudoun. 'Listen, I'm not going to answer specifics on projects,' he said in response to a question about what is known as a project labor agreement. 'You clearly don't talk about specifics on future projects until you even know what the projects are and what the bidding process will be.'" (Frederick Kunkle, "McAuliffe, At Silver Line Station, Touts Support Of Project, Says Cuccinelli Fought It," The Washington Post, 6/18/13)


McAuliffe Refused To Take A Position Against Card-Check Legislation


McAuliffe Would Not Say Whether Or Not He Supported The Employee Free Choice Act, Known As Card-Check. "McAuliffe was not as forthcoming when asked if he supported Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's proposal to double the tax cigarettes... Nor would he say whether he supports the Employee Free Choice Act, federal legislation that could profoundly affect right-to-work states such as Virginia. The bill would boost union membership by having employees sign union cards to form unions instead of holding secret ballot elections, a measure business and industry groups vehemently oppose." 

(Bob Lewis, "Ex-DNC Chair Opens Gov's Race, Says Will Forgo Pay," The Associated Press, 1/7/09)


Union Bosses Know McAuliffe Will Advance The Union Boss Agenda


April 2013: Mike Moehler, President Of Virginia Professional Fire Fighters, Hopes McAuliffe "Repair(s) Some Of The Things [Republicans Have] Done And Advance Legislation To Protect The Health, Safety And Financial Interest Of Our Members." "'We are hoping that Gov. McAuliffe would work with us to repair some of the things [Republicans have] done and advance legislation to protect the health, safety and financial interest of our members,' said Mike Moehler, president of Virginia Professional Fire Fighters." (Steve Contorno, "Outside Groups Pumping Cash Into Virginia Governor's Race," Washington Examiner, 4/16/13)


A Union Leader In 2009 Reflected On Prospects With McAuliffe On The Gubernatorial Ticket: "We See This Election As An Opportunity For Unions To Have A Seat At The Table." "'We see this election as an opportunity for unions to have a seat at the table,' said John Niemiec, president of the Fairfax County Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics, which has endorsed McAuliffe." (Amy Gardner, "Labor Unions Hoping Patronage In Governor's Race Increases Leverage In Richmond," The Washington Post, 6/6/09)

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