July 2009 RNC Resolutions



WHEREAS, The RNC is subject to applicable Federal
Law and to the rules and regulations promulgated by the Federal Election
Commission and must accurately report receipts and expenditures on a
monthly basis that are in compliance with FEC reporting requirements and
Federal Law and present its financial position as true, correct and
complete; and


WHEREAS, it is not always possible to assemble the
RNC or the Executive Committee on a timely basis to authorize specific
actions by the Chairman with respect to authority to sign certain
contracts, agreements or disbursement authorizations which contractually
bind the Committee; and


WHEREAS, the duly elected members of the RNC have a
duty to provide for good governance as well as proper financial checks
and balances within the RNC and further desire to provide oversight in
connection with contracts and agreements;




That the Chairman is hereby authorized and
directed, for and on behalf and in the name of the RNC, to enter into
such contracts and agreements, to execute such other documents, and to
take such actions on behalf of the RNC, as are deemed necessary by him,
in his sole discretion, to carry out and effectuate the terms of such
contracts or other agreements, provided, however, that:


1.         Any such contract or
agreements which may, by its own terms, create financial obligations of
the RNC in excess of $100,000, shall require the additional
authorization of a second officer of the RNC, preferably the Treasurer
(if he or she is available), but also could include the Co-Chairman or
Secretary; and


2.         Such aforementioned
contracts or agreements creating an obligation in the amount of or in
excess of $100,000 shall require competitive bidding. If it is not
practical to obtain competitive bids or competitive bids cannot be
obtained, exemption from this requirement shall require the
authorization of a second officer of the RNC which shall include the
Treasurer, Co-Chairman, or Secretary; and


3.         Any such contract or
agreement to borrow money and/or obtain other credit or financial
accommodations on behalf of the RNC from a commercial lender, shall
require the express prior approval of the Executive Committee; and


4.         Any such contract or
agreement that creates financial obligations on behalf of the RNC that
extend beyond the length of the term of the Chairman, shall require the
express prior approval of the Executive Committee; and


5.         The Chairman shall appoint a Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Financial Officer.

Although the Chief Administrative Officer/Chief
Financial Officer is accountable to all RNC members, the Chief
Administrative Officer/Chief Financial Officer shall serve at the
pleasure of the Chairman and reports to the Chairman but also reports on
RNC operations to the Executive Committee when they are in session. The
Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Financial Officer may be removed
from office by the Chairman upon notification to the Executive
Committee. A termination report shall be given to the Executive
Committee at its meeting.


As approved by the Committee on Resolutions, July 30, 2009




Obamacare: Marching Further Towards Socialism


WHEREAS, Socialism is defined as “Any of various
theories or systems of social organization in which the means of
producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a
centralized government that often plans and controls the economy;”
President Obama’s health care program, “Obamacare,” which will have the
government owning and operating an insurance company which covers over
100 million Americans and forces individuals and employers to purchase
specific types of government-approved insurance coverage or pay a tax,
is socialized medicine; and


WHEREAS, Obamacare will result in employers
dropping employees’ coverage, or decreasing their number of employees,
will force private insurers out of business, will force patients to
enroll in a government-run plan, will force physicians to accept
patients on the government plan and will allow the government to set
service fees; and


WHEREAS, physicians already lose money servicing
government patients on Medicare and Medicaid; Obamacare will increase
the problem by further reducing Medicare and Medicaid fees to doctors
and hospitals, and will further discourage our brightest students from
entering the medical field and bring a halt to medical innovation; and


WHEREAS, Obamacare, using the excuse of controlling
health care costs, will take away the freedom to choose one’s own
doctor and interfere with the individual’s ability to make personal
health care decisions; and


WHEREAS, Obamacare will redistribute wealth by
taxing employees’ medical benefits and “politically incorrect” lifestyle
choices, such as soda and salty foods, by imposing a federal sales tax,
and/or by increased deficit spending with borrowed money, bankrupting
this country with a run-away entitlement train; and


WHEREAS, the result of Obamacare will be government
control of the health care sector — twenty percent of the national
economy — in addition to the Federal government’s direct control of
banks, auto manufacturers, insurance companies and mortgage industry;


WHEREAS, the future of Obamacare is seen everywhere socialized medicine is practiced (such as the UK, Canada and Australia) where the results are bureaucracy in decision-making, rationed and denied care, and life-threatening delays; therefore, be it


RESOLVED, the members of the Republican National
Committee recognize that Obamacare is marching America further towards
Socialism and urge that it be stopped before it destroys the best
medical care system the world has ever known; and, further be it


RESOLVED, that true cost savings be achieved by
tort reform so physicians won’t need to practice defensive medicine with
unnecessary referrals and expensive tests and insurance companies won’t
pay out large settlements for frivolous lawsuits; and further be it


RESOLVED, that true cost savings can be achieved by
eliminating most of the existing 1900 government mandates for
non-essential care; and further be it


RESOLVED, that all individuals be allowed tax deductibility for their medical insurance

premiums and cash payments for medical and drug expenses, without any threshold of a

percentage of adjusted gross income or total income
limits; and that everyone be encouraged to enroll in a health savings
account, which should receive tax treatment similar to 401 (k)s; and
further be it


RESOLVED, that this resolution will be mailed to each congressional Republican and

Republican state party.


As approved by the Committee on Resolutions, July 30, 2009



Resolution to Reform the Obama Administration’s Policy of Appointing Czars


WHEREAS, in a major consolidation of power for the White House and usurpation of

congressional authority, President Barack Obama has
appointed over twenty “Czars” to oversee a variety of important policy
issues; and


WHEREAS, none of these so-called “Czars” were
appointed with congressional approval, yet each manages important areas
of national policy, impacting millions of Americans and controlling a
significant portion of the federal government’s budget; and


WHEREAS, despite the president’s campaign pledge of
executive branch transparency, the appointment of “Czars” shows the
Obama administration is circumventing congressional oversight as each of
these officials is accountable only to the president; and


WHEREAS, the US Constitution states government
officers with significant authority in policy issues must be nominated
by the president and are subject to the Senate confirmation process; and


WHEREAS, these officers include cabinet-level
secretaries tasked with duties similar to those performed by the “Czar”
positions; and


WHEREAS, the US Constitution instructs that only the US Congress can approve such

appointments through Senate confirmation; and


WHEREAS, officials confirmed by the Senate are subject to congressional oversight and annual congressional funding; and


WHEREAS, by contrast, White House officials are
agents of the president, and may be immune from congressional
questioning because of Executive Privilege; and


WHEREAS, these “Czars” currently advise the
president on crucial national policy issues, though the Founding Fathers
framed the powers vested in the president to prevent the type of
centralized authority President Obama now exerts; and


WHEREAS, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, a
senior member of the Democrat Party and the President Pro Tempore of the
Senate, has sent an official protest to President Obama, stating that
his effort to appoint “Czars” is an attempt to subvert the authority of
the US Congress and is a threat to the “Constitutional system of checks
and balances;” therefore be it


RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee
recognizes that the current concentration of powers in the Executive
Branch is in violation of the powers of the President of the United
States as defined in the US Constitution and is dangerous to the
citizens of America; and be it further


RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee
calls upon the Democrat leadership of the US Congress to halt funding
the operations of the federal government vested in these “Czars” until
President Obama returns the lawful authority to his cabinet secretaries
and lesser officers of the national government; and be it further


RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee
calls upon the US Congress to hold President Obama accountable; and be
it further


RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee
calls upon the US Congress to initiate hearings regarding President
Obama’s appointment of “Czars;” and be it further


RESOLVED, upon approval of this Resolution, the
Republican National Committee will mail this document to congressional
Republicans and Republican state parties.


As approved by the Committee on Resolutions, July 30, 2009




Resolution on Cap-and-Trade


WHEREAS, Cap-and-Trade is regulatory program under which the Federal government would

1) set a limit (cap) on the volume of carbon emissions that would be permitted, and 2) distribute

the rights to allowed emissions so that firms would be free to buy and sell those allotments after initial distribution; and


WHEREAS, Cap-and-Trade is a huge tax on our natural
energy resources including coal, oil and natural gas, totaling $846
billion in the first 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget
Office; and


WHEREAS, the goal of Cap-and-Trade is to make
carbon based energy much more expensive, as clearly stated by President
Obama when he said:


“Under my plan of a cap and trade system
electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Businesses would have to
retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that
cost onto customers,” and


WHEREAS, before becoming Energy Secretary, Steven
Chu told the Wall Street Journal in September 2008, “Somehow we have to
figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels of Europe;”


WHEREAS, Cap-and-Trade may bankrupt the coal industry — one that employs thousands of Americans — as President Obama stated:


“So, if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they
can — it’s just that it will bankrupt them, because they are going to be
charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted,”


WHEREAS, Cap-and-Trade will dramatically affect
American farmers; it is estimated this legislation will cause farm
income to drop 94 percent, or over $50 billion, by 2035; and


WHEREAS, the cost for hard-working American
families will be staggering, totaling $890 per family per year according
to the Congressional Budget Office, and at least $1,218 per average
annual household burden, or approximately two percent of the average
household income; and


WHEREAS, these huge costs per family will fail to
accomplish environmental goals because climate models and environmental
groups show that the reductions would have little or no detectable
impact on global average temperatures; and


WHEREAS, under a Cap-and-Trade system, once carbon
emissions allowances are distributed, entities will be free to buy and
sell allowances, creating a billion dollar commodity and derivatives
market subjecting energy prices to Wall Street speculation and market
volatility; and


WHEREAS, Cap-and-Trade could increase greenhouse
gas emissions, as the cost of complying with the legislation could force
companies to move their industrial operations to countries with
inferior pollution control technology. Dan DiMicco, the CEO of Nucor
Steel, America’s largest steel manufacturer, said the cap and trade tax
would mean his company would close U.S. plants, shifting production to China.
Making a ton of steel in China results in five-times greater emissions
of greenhouse gases than to produce that same ton of steel in the U.S.
and loses jobs at a time when we cannot afford it; and


WHEREAS, the Waxman-Markey bill expands the realm
of the Federal government over energy utilities and manufacturers,
establishes new Federal agencies, and allocates tax payer funds to be
handed out at the discretion of the EPA Administrator and the Secretary
of Energy; therefore be it


RESOLVED, that we, the members of the Republican
National Committee, recognize that Cap-and-Trade is a tax on energy that
falls on hard-working American families and that the cost of this tax
greatly exceed any benefit, especially in this time of economic crises;
and be it further


RESOLVED, that we urge the US Senate to vote no on
Cap-and-Trade and Congress as a whole to reject all efforts to use
global warming as a pretext to increase federal revenues; and be it


RESOLVED, that we support the use of all energy
sources that will reduce carbon emissions, especially nuclear,
clean-coal and renewable energy technologies; and be it further


RESOLVED, that we support measures like the
American Energy Innovation Act, a Republican- sponsored bill that aims
to expand our domestic energy production with responsible stewardship
over the environment; and be it further


RESOLVED, that this Resolution will be mailed to each congressional Republican and Republican state party.


As approved by the Committee on Resolutions, July 30, 2009


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