Panic! Democrats Fleeing Obama Attempt Makeover as McDonnell Fans

-- Democrats who opposed McDonnell during session now his biggest supporters  --  

As President Obama threatens to drag Virginia Democrats down with his failing poll numbers, state Senate Democrats are looking for something new to bolster their campaigns.

The most common choice? Republican Governor Bob McDonnell.

But don't take our word for it. Take a look at Democrat George Barker's new TV ad:

Sen. George Barker:  Accomplished Legislator
Wait, isn't the Governor a Republican?

Or the rolling banner on the top of his website:


Barker Banner
Who's that conservative guy with George Barker?

Or this mailer:

Barker Mailer
Seriously, who is that guy? In the chair.

Democrat John Miller is in on the act, too:

Miller Mailer
Here's that Republican guy again. What's he doing here?

Even Sen. Janet Howell, who blatantly broke rules to stop parts of Gov. McDonnell's agenda from coming to the floor for a vote, wants to be Bob McDonnell's best friend.

Howell Mailer
Gov. McDonnell? Wait, that guy with legislation you killed?

Democrat Toddy Puller? Check out the conservative guy making a cameo on her web page.

Puller Banner
There he is again. Wow, Democrats sure like this guy a lot!

Democrat Edd Houck loves Governor McDonnell so much he's started referring to himself in the third person:

From the Free Lance Star:

"The successes [Gov. McDonnell] has had are largely accountable to the Democrats in the Senate and with Edd Houck being one of his strongest allies," Houck said.

From the Charlottesville Daily Progress 
"Sen. Edd Houck and Gov. Bob McDonnell seem to have the same perspective,
so maybe Bryce Reeves is the one who doesn't have a clear perspective on how the commonwealth can help during this difficult time in creating more jobs," Houck said in an interview..."


Virginia Democrats: We like Bob McDonnell if that will make you vote for us! Really! We promise! 
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